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    World-Class Higher Education in

    Business & Technologies

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    World-Class Higher Education in

    Business & Technologies

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    World-Class Higher Education in

    Business & Technologies

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Information Technology
Information Technology offers new challenges when compared to the traditional computing environment. The recent emergence of global business, new technologies for data processing and data communication/ networking environment...
Multimedia & Animation
Multimedia and Animation are important parts of the entertainment, design and IT industries. Computer-aided animation, special effects, lighting, spatial relationships and 3D-model construction all fall within the role animation plays in today's multimedia and digital content creation.
The increasing developments in the global economy especially in the East African region have increasingly created the need for competent manpower. The key manpower needs that have been created here include specialists in Accounting, Marketing...
The growing need in the Commerce world with the integration of information technology has thrown challenges environment to prepare candidates to work in the area of Management, Finance, Accountancy, Banking, Business Consultancy, Administration and related fields.
Computing underpins modern life. The link between current research in computing and commercial product is critical to the continuing success of the IT industry. Our students are well placed to have both the background knowledge in the research areas and the technical and professional skills required to lead the design and development of future applications.
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International School of Business and Technology (ISBAT) is a professional Higher Education Institution registered as a Tertiary Institution with National Council for Higher Education NCHE, under the Ministry of Education, Government of Republic of Uganda ...